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While we routinely run courses for 12,000 student course enrollments every semester, we are still an academic group on campus. We are committed to the open nature of our product and strive to improve its effectiveness through scholarship. We also offer a number of services.


We offer both one-on-one and departmental training free of charge. Just contact us and arrange a time.

Transfer of Content

LON-CAPA still supports content that was written in 1992. Talk to us about porting content from other systems, which for many systems can be achieved in an automated way. For more complicated problems, we can work with you on finding student help are allocating staff resources.

Textbook Content

LON-CAPA already has extensive libraries of textbook publisher content. We can work with you and the publishing companies to arrange for coding of new content in our system.

Custom Functionality

If your course has specific needs that are not met by LON-CAPA or other systems, we should talk. If those features are generalizable to be useful for the LON-CAPA community at large, we can work on a plan to implement them. After all, LON-CAPA is under our control, not some commercial company.

Grant Projects

As an academic group, we are interested in projects involving innovative use of technology in teaching and learning. We are frequently working with other groups on this and other campusses to develop common projects.